When The Kids Are Away, The Parents Will Play

When The Kids Are Away, The Parents Will Play

Parent Play When Kids are Gone


We’d all like to imagine that our aging parents, living some distance from us, are managing well, and enjoying a stress-free life. These days, young adults are more mobile with their jobs and are often living great distances from their parents. Also, many parents want to spend their golden years in warm climates or places with lower living costs and are moving away from their adult children. This is fine until the day when your parents are showing signs of not being able to accomplish their usual daily activities. You love your parents, want the best for them, and wish that there was a way you could help them. That wish can turn to guilt and can be a tremendous weight on your shoulders. You are not alone. According to National Alliance for Caregivers About 11% of would-be caregivers live more than an hour away from their loved one. What do you do when you are in this position?

What Children Can Do For Their Parents From A Distance

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Remember, you care, and what you do from a distance matters.

(1) Call often. Set a designated time, for example, every Sunday evening, to call and catch up. 

(2) Send a handwritten note on a caring greeting card. 

(3) Texting is great for daily updates on the grandkids, and you can even include pictures. 

(4) Although emails tend to be a bit more formal than texts, you can go into greater detail about what’s going on. 

(5) video chats give you a chance to see your parent(s) as well as speaking to them. Remember a picture is worth a thousand words. 

Although technology can close the miles between you and your parents, it can’t replace in-person visits. Always needling your conscience is the question, “Am I really seeing and knowing all that is going on with my aging parents?” That’s when Rent A Daughter comes in.

Rent A Daughter Can Help

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Our concierge service can come into your parent’s home, help your parents, and give you peace of mind. Here is a checklist of the things to ask yourselves – things that our concierge can do for your parents:

  • Do they need help with daily personal care?
  • Do they need transportation to various appointments?
  • Do they need help with cleaning, shopping, or cooking? Are they even eating three meals a day?
  • Is the house neat and clean?
  • Do they need help with paying bills? 
  • Are important papers organized and easily located?
  • Do they need help in remembering to take their meds?

It’s hard to live away from your parents. The worry is always there, especially if they live alone and have medical issues. Rent A Daughter can provide all the above chores as well as daily conversations with your parents to keep them mentally stimulated and their brains active. We approach their care in three categories – brain, nutrition, and safety.

We call our service Rent A Daughter because your parents become like family to us. What you want for them, Rent A Daughter can provide – with love. Call me, Nadine, at 216-633-3604 and I can help you in our locations in Florida and Cleveland. In the meantime, check out our website https://rentadaughter.org .


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