Senior Home Care

Finding Companion Care Your Loved Ones

Finding Companion Care Your Loved Ones

Companion care is specifically intended to offer social support and companionship to seniors who are usually stable and want to stay at home. However, it may also provide a number of non-medical programs that make life simpler for seniors.
Light housekeeping, assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs), prescription reminders, and other resources are available.

Heart Mojo and Rent a Daughter

Rent a Daughter Guests on Heart Mojo

Melinda speaks with Nadine Glatley discussing how she has faced challenges as a businesswoman in the Healthcare Field.

Nadine shares the purpose of starting her own business and caring for others as a passion and she delivers her skills with compassion.

When hiring staff they must have the same passion for helping people as she does, it is a family unit that provides security when we are vulnerable.

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