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Home Care Assistance

A discharge from a hospital or other medical facility may seem like a welcome end to an illness or injury, but for many older adults, it’s just the beginning. Getting home and staying home requires quite a bit of coordination and work. When recovery at home is the focus, Rent a Daughter is the answer to managing follow-up appointments, proper nutrition, medication reminders and more.

Rent a Daughter is at the forefront of transitional care. Whether you or a loved one is expecting a discharge soon or you’re a hospital looking to improve your discharge process and patient outcomes, count on Rent a Daughter.

Home Care Assistance

The vast majority of preventable re-hospitalizations could be avoided by following doctors’ orders. But after a serious injury or illness, even the most basic tasks can be difficult or impossible for elderly adults. For seniors to follow doctors’ orders during this period, they need extensive outside support.

Our Ready-Set-Go Home program is designed to give seniors this much-needed support, increasing the odds of a full or partial recovery and reducing hospital readmission risks. We provide our non-medical services in accordance with medical directives and in conjunction with care provided by clients’ family and friends. Our services are customized for every client, ensuring your loved one receives care tailored to their specific needs.

Home care assistance

Improve Patient Well-Being After a Hospitalization

Our Ready-Set-Go Home Care Assistance program uses a three-prong approach for improving patient well-being after hospitalization:

  1. At the Hospital. Our Ready-Set-Go Home Care Assistance program starts during your loved one’s hospitalization. Our caregivers can visit your loved one at the hospital and provide support services for family and friends. When doctors begin to discuss your loved one’s discharge, we can guide your family through the discharge process and provide valuable information on discharge planning. 
  2. At the Client’s Home. After your loved one’s discharge, our caregivers will provide skilled, non-medical assistance to ensure your loved one’s safety and comfort during recovery. Meanwhile, we act as the “eyes and ears” in the home. Our caregivers can help spot changes in your loved one’s physical or cognitive health, and we know the reasons why many seniors skip follow-up doctors’ visits, miss medication doses, or otherwise fail to follow proper recovery protocols. 
  3. At Rent a Daughter’s Office. Behind the scenes, Nadine and her team will support your family and your loved one’s caregivers. Rent a Daughter staff can provide medication and appointment reminders, accompany your loved one to appointments, and help you coordinate medication, equipment, and food deliveries.

If you or a family member is facing a hospital stay, you don’t have to do it alone. Get the information and resources you need to prepare for your recovery at home.

Referring Care for a Patient or Friend.

You have a lifetime of memories in your home, and we know you want to stay there as long as possible. At Rent a Daughter we understand that living at home can present many challenges in your senior years.

We believe it’s our privilege to provide exceptional care at all times – from our heart, to your home.

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