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The high disposable income, increased healthcare expenditure, easy availability of home healthcare services, increased prevalence of chronic diseases, and high geriatric population are the major growth drivers of the North American home healthcare market.

Growth Factors

The global home healthcare market is primarily driven by the population’s surging prevalence of target diseases such as Alzheimer’s, dementia, and orthopedic disorders. Furthermore, the rapidly growing geriatric population across the globe is significantly boosting the demand for home healthcare.
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According to the United Nations, the global geriatric population is expected to reach 2 billion by the year 2050.

The sedentary lifestyle, bad eating habits, rising obesity, physical inactivity, and rising tobacco consumption are some of the important factors behind the surging prevalence of lifestyle diseases, which is expected to foster the growth of the global home healthcare market.

Healthcare costs are rising, and home healthcare is a cost-effective alternative to costly hospital stays. The rising awareness regarding hospital-acquired infections is another major factor that has fueled the adoption of home healthcare across the globe.

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Why a Home Care Franchise

Makes Sense

Low Cost of Entry

Certain franchise concepts, like those in the food & beverage space, require a hefty investment to get started. The home care space – on the other hand – is much more affordable as it does not require franchisees to invest in infrastructure. As a service business, home care franchises can offer a lucrative opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to both give back and make a profit. In fact, many home care franchisees have been able to create substantial wealth from a single unit.

Aging Population

Over the next decade, the need for home care will increase dramatically as the population ages, and more seniors opt to stay in their homes. The senior population in North America is growing rapidly—a trend that is expected to continue – It is estimated that there will be nearly 84 million Americans over the age of 65 by the year 2050. 

Additionally, the increased lifespan and improved mortality rates of our elderly population are only adding to this growth.

As baby boomers continue to reach senior age, the demand for reliable and trustworthy options is going to grow as well.

A Rent a Daughter franchise comes ready-made with an established brand name, training curriculum, and marketing materials. After all, it takes time to build up trust and reputation when dealing with people’s health, but we already have that part down pat!

Balanced Diet for Seniors
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Why a Home Care Franchise

Makes Sense

Recession Proof

If you’re looking for a recession-proof industry to invest in, the home care space is a great option. According to the AARP, 9 out of 10 seniors wish to be cared for and age peacefully within the comfort and familiarity of their own homes. As a result, at Rent a Daughter we’ve witnessed 20 percent growth year over year, and this trend is not slowing down.

Strong Unit Economics, High-Profit Margins

Rent a Daughter franchises can be very profitable, with many earning a million or more in revenue from a single unit.

We provide our franchisees with robust training, tools, resources, and one-on-one attention from a Business Performance Coach. Our goal is to not only help you get your business up and running but to help you grow the business over time.

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Signs of Alzheimer's Disease
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Industry with Heart

While the home care space can certainly be lucrative, it is also an industry with heart. If you’re looking to do good in the community AND generate wealth, the home care industry is the perfect fit.

Many franchisees enjoy becoming pillars of their communities, helping to care for aging family members in the comfort of their own homes. If you enjoy working with people and don’t mind helping those who are in need, then owning your own home healthcare business could be right up your alley.

Aerobic Exercise for Seniors
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Why Rent a Daughter Senior Care?


Rent a Daughter Senior Care ensures a great quality of life for our seniors and their families by offering dependable, affordable home care. We create a tailored plan for each person to maintain independence. Our staff are equipped to handle challenges you may find difficult, and we also provide respite to caregivers.


Rent a Daughter’s main purpose is to serve seniors at home where they are most comfortable. Research shows that seniors heal better when receiving home care. We keep them safe and happy at own home where memories remain. Home care also provides much-needed respite for caregivers,  

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