Dementia Care Beachwood

As a family member or friend of someone with Alzheimer’s and Dementia, you shoulder a particularly heavy burden. Helping this person keep some sort of normalcy is key and the type of care needed is physically and emotionally demanding. Rent a Daughter is here to help. Understanding that you are not alone is the first step.  We understand caring for someone with Dementia is challenging.

Our Specialized Dementia Care Approach

Our mission is to provide your loved one living with early, middle, or late-stage Alzheimer’s or dementia the individualized care and support they need to:

  • Live with dignity and purpose safely and securely in their own home
  • Enjoy optimal health and emotional well-being
  • Maintain connections to the people, places, things, and memories that matter most to them
Dementia Care Beachwood

Dementia Care Beachwood

Beachwood is a city located in Cuyahoga County, Ohio. It’s a suburb of Cleveland and as of the 2010 US Census, the population was 11,953. The city covers a total area of 5.34 square miles, of which 5.33 is land and 0.01 is water. East of Cleveland, and Shaker Heights, West of Pepper Pike and North of Solon and Chagrin Falls.

The earliest known history of Beachwood dates back to the days of the Western Reserve, which was the establishment of the state of Ohio and the formation of countries and townships within it. One of the original townships of the Western Reserve was Warrensville. This township was divided up over the course of a century into seven smaller cities and villages, one of them being Beachwood.

Beachwood Dementia Care

Per early state legislation, incorporated villages were required to have a minimum of 30 inhabitants. Beachwood was part of the Warrensville Township until 1915. At that time, it seceded after a decision by township officials to close a school in the area. On May 29, 1915, 57 freeholders of the northeastern part of the township signed a petition that the area be permitted to be incorporated as a village.

An election was held on June 15, 1915, to determine the fate of the village. Out of the 47 voters, only one voted against the proposal. So, on June 26, 1915, the trustees of the Warrensville Township ordered that the Beachwood Village be incorporated. By 1960, Beachwood reached the number of residents required to attain city status.

Dementia Care Beachwood Challenges

The name Beachwood came from the abundance of Beech trees that flourished throughout the village. The city’s name at incorporation was originally spelled “Beechwood.” The most popular theory as to how and why it’s now called “Beachwood” is that the village hall clerk misspelled the name on some of the original official documents.

Progressive growth has been a theme of Beachwood’s long, storied history. Throughout the years, many changes have taken place in the city government and local schools. Today, it’s a thriving city with more than 2,900 homes and 2,500 apartments and condos and a population of 12,186. There’s a comprehensive plan that concentrates on commercial development.

Residents of Rockville are proud of their small city, its history, and the wonderful place that it is today. There are a number of things to do within the city including plenty of dining options and many historical places to visit.

Residents and visitors alike enjoy the small-town feel and friendly atmosphere as well as the close proximity to the larger metropolis of Cleveland and all its amenities.

Where to Find Beachwood Dementia Care

Rent a Daughter gives you the peace of mind of having someone with you 24/7 to help you with your daily routine, provide companionship and ensure your health care needs are met. Our staff is STNA/First Aid/CPR certified, so you can be sure your well being is always at the top of our mind.  We can help you with your dementia care Beachwood needs.  Call us today for a free consultation with one of our experienced and caring team members. 

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