Companion and Personal Care

From doing the laundry and taking out the garbage to reading out loud or playing cards, professionals in companion and personal care serve as another body within the home. They’re available to help remind patients when to take their medications, keep up around the house and even drive someone to a hair appointment. Both services differ slightly in how they work.

What is Companion and Personal Care

The purpose of companion care is to offer company and friendship. Companions may help with certain household chores, such as laying out towels before a shower, but their primary purpose is to spend time with the patient. Grown children may want to hire companions to keep an eye on their aging parents, for example. Some of the services offered by companionship care include:

Our personal care services are provided to seniors who require assistance with activities of daily living. In addition to caring for elderly adults, our personal care providers also work with disabled individuals and those recovering from illness, injury, or a hospital stay. 

Companion and personal care
benefits of companion and personal care

Benefits of Companion and Personal Care

From taking away loneliness to ensuring proper nutrition, companion and personal care have many benefits for patients. If you suspect your loved one isn’t eating well, for example, having a homemaker available to cook nutritious meals can turn around your family member’s health.

Companion and personal care from Rent a Daughter. Here are just a few of the benefits these services can provide:

  • Mental (cognitive) stimulation
  • Increased mobility due to transportation services
  • Socialization
  • Improvement in health, both physical and mental
  • Safety supervision

When you call Rent a Daughter, one of our team members will visit your loved one’s house and provide a free assessment to determine your needs. Our professionals are very flexible and will partner with your family to determine the best schedule for companionship care and homemaking visits. Curious to see how we can support your loved one in the comfort of his or her home? Contact us today.

Referring Care for a Patient or Friend.

You have a lifetime of memories in your home, and we know you want to stay there as long as possible. At Rent a Daughter we understand that living at home can present many challenges in your senior years.

We believe it’s our privilege to provide exceptional care at all times – from our heart, to your home.

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