Finding Companion Care Your Loved Ones

Finding Companion Care Your Loved Ones

Companion care is specifically intended to offer social support and companionship to seniors who are usually stable and want to stay at home. However, it may also provide a number of non-medical programs that make life simpler for seniors.
Light housekeeping, assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs), prescription reminders, and other resources are available.

5 Tips For Finding Affordable Home Health Care

5 Tips For Finding Affordable Home Health Care

In the past couple of years, finding affordable home health care for seniors has become increasingly more challenging. One reason is that the cost of health care, in general, has gone up considerably, mainly as there is now a large aging population. According to some estimates, we have more seniors living in the US today than we ever did in the past, putting a strain on a home health care system that was already fragile. So, demand is generally higher than supply in most cities across the US.

Remote Care for Aging Parents

Caregivers: How Remote Care Works With Aging Parents

Remote care is good when it comes to caring for parents when you might not be around for or from another country. You can monitor them from a distance, but it can’t replace a human being there in person. That’s why it is just as important to visit your parents from time to time. When you visit them, it makes it easier for them to feel loved and perhaps dull the pain they may feel when you are far away.

Signs of Alzheimer's Disease

What Are Signs of Alzheimer’s Disease

In the past twenty years, scientists have been working hard to unravel the often complex brain changes that are involved with the slow onset and later progression of Alzheimer’s. It is likely that the slow damage often associated with the condition starts much before the actual loss of memory and the surfacing of cognitive decline. Many people appear symptom-free during the initial stages, despite numerous toxic changes within the brain.

What Are the Benefits of Being a Senior Caregiver

What Are the Benefits of Being a Senior Caregiver

What Are the Benefits of Being a Senior Caregiver?
Caregiving can be a taxing job and sometimes it does require jumping over some hurdles and bending yourself backward. But all that hard work and emotional turmoil are worth it.
Whether you’re thinking of becoming a professional senior caregiver or life has thrown you into the role of a loved one, here are some of the biggest benefits that you will enjoy.

Heart Mojo and Rent a Daughter

Rent a Daughter Guests on Heart Mojo

Melinda speaks with Nadine Glatley discussing how she has faced challenges as a businesswoman in the Healthcare Field.

Nadine shares the purpose of starting her own business and caring for others as a passion and she delivers her skills with compassion.

When hiring staff they must have the same passion for helping people as she does, it is a family unit that provides security when we are vulnerable.

Spectrum News 1

Rent A Daughter Featured on Spectrum News 1

For 17 years, Nadine Glatley has run her in-home senior care business through word of mouth.
It’s called Rent a Daughter. The inspiration for the name came from conversations with her first client.

“’I could totally use you as renting a daughter for life for the things my daughters don’t do,’ and I just thought that was really special and that’s what I strive to be,” said Glatley.

Tips for Alzheimer’s Caregivers

4 Tips for Alzheimer’s Caregivers

These tips for Alzheimer’s caregivers are beneficial for all. Alzheimer’s disease is not easy for anyone. Yes, it is the hardest for the person dealing with the condition, but things can be tough for caregivers, too. It is hard to accept that a member of your family is dealing with dementia and various cognitive issues. Even if you are a professional caregiver, it is challenging offering high-quality care over and over again.

5 Fundamentals of Caring for Someone with Dementia

5 Fundamentals of Caring for Someone with Dementia

There are at least 5 fundamentals of caring for someone with Dementia today. Dementia is painful, both for the person dealing with it and the one caring for them. People dealing with dementia require constant care, which means someone should be available around the clock. It is understandable that caring for someone with dementia can be physically and emotionally challenging for the caregiver.

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