Alzheimer’s Care Solon

As a family member or friend of someone with Alzheimer’s and Dementia, you shoulder a particularly heavy burden. Helping this person keep some sort of normalcy is key and the type of Alzheimer’s care Solon needed is physically and emotionally demanding. Rent a Daughter is here to help. Understanding that you are not alone is the first step.  We understand caring for someone with Alzheimer’s is challenging.

Our Personalized Alzheimer’s Care Approach

Our mission is to provide your loved one living with early, middle, or late-stage Alzheimer’s or dementia the individualized care and support they need to:

  • Live with dignity and purpose safely and securely in their own home
  • Enjoy optimal health and emotional well-being
  • Maintain connections to the people, places, things, and memories that matter most to them
Alzheimer's Care Solon
Alzheimer's Care Solon

Alzheimer's Care Solon

Solon, OH is a city located in Cuyahoga County and it’s one of the many suburbs of the city of Cleveland. It’s part of the Cleveland-Akron-Canton metropolitan area, one of the largest combined city areas in the United States. Per the 2010 census, Solon’s population was 23,348, making it one of the bigger Cleveland suburbs.

Solon is located 18 miles from Cleveland, positioned in the southeastern corner of the county line. The city is bordered by the following other suburbs; Moreland Hills, Chagrin Falls, Bainbridge, Reminderville, Twinsburg, Glenwillow, Bedford Heights, and Orange. And, just to the South of Beachwood and Shaker Heights. Contrary to popular belief, Solon is not adjacent to South Solon, a village located in Madison County, about 170 miles away.

Solon Alzheimer's Care

The city of Solon stands out in Ohio for several reasons, one of them being that it has made Money Magazine’s list of “Best Places to Live” multiple times over the last decade. Most recently, it was named the 10th best place to live in the United States in 2015. It’s also been rated as one of the safest cities in Ohio and Bloomberg Businessweek named it one of the “best places to raise kids” partly thanks to its exceptional public school system.

Although the city is thriving today, it has a rich and humble history. In 1820, the very first settlers arrived from Connecticut, seeking to live in part of the Connecticut Western Reserve. One of the first settlers was Isaac Bull, who later named the town after his son, Lorenzo Solon Bull. Early settlers in the area faced many of the same hardships that were common to that area including drainage and wetlands issues and complicated agriculture.

Alzheimer's Care Solon Challenges

Solon was able to overcome their initial obstacles, becoming a productive farming area that focused on the production of corn and wheat. There were also many dairy farms that supported five cheese factories. By 1850, the town had grown in size to a population of 1,034. In 1857, with the railroad system booming in nearby Cleveland, the Cleveland and Mahoning Railroad established a running like through Solon, bringing with it more growth to the area. In 1927, Solon was officially incorporated as a village. And in 1961, it became a city.

Today, Solon is a thriving city with a strong economy and filled with happy residents. With four distinct, beautiful seasons, there’s something to do and see in Solon all year long. The city enjoys a tight-knit culture and is particularly proud of its dedication to the arts. The Solon Center for the Arts offers art, dance, music, and theater classes for all ages and it holds a program for seniors called “Act II: Aging Creatively through the Arts. Solon is also home to the Solon Philharmonic Orchestra which is filled with events all year round.

Where to Find Solon Alzheimer's Care

Rent a Daughter gives you the peace of mind of having someone with you 24/7 to help you with your daily routine, provide companionship and ensure your health care needs are met. Our staff is STNA/First Aid/CPR certified, so you can be sure your well being is always at the top of our mind.  We can help you with your Alzheimer’s care Solon needs.  Call us today for a free consultation with one of our experienced and caring team members. 

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