Month: February 2021

Remote Care for Aging Parents

Caregivers: How Remote Care Works With Aging Parents

Remote care is good when it comes to caring for parents when you might not be around for or from another country. You can monitor them from a distance, but it can’t replace a human being there in person. That’s why it is just as important to visit your parents from time to time. When you visit them, it makes it easier for them to feel loved and perhaps dull the pain they may feel when you are far away.

Signs of Alzheimer's Disease

What Are Signs of Alzheimer’s Disease

In the past twenty years, scientists have been working hard to unravel the often complex brain changes that are involved with the slow onset and later progression of Alzheimer’s. It is likely that the slow damage often associated with the condition starts much before the actual loss of memory and the surfacing of cognitive decline. Many people appear symptom-free during the initial stages, despite numerous toxic changes within the brain.

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